Body Shape Calculator

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Dress for your body shape!

If you are unsure of your body type, a body shape calculator offers a definitive way to know. Our Shape Calculator has been developed by a mathematician using a scientific formula and algorithms. Nerd talk over.  Many women think that they are one shape, when in reality they are another shape entirely. Often, after having children your body shape changes too. Where as you once may have been an hourglass, you may now have more of a pear shape. Try the calculator and see what shape you are – you may be surprised!

The thing to remember is, no matter what your body shape, you are beautiful! Dressing to flatter your figure is a great way to celebrate your shape and feel like a million dollars. Wearing the right jeans and t-shirt for your figure can make even the most simple outfit look chic and well put together. We have cataloged gorgeous pieces from the UK high street according to which body shape they flatter so you can shop from labels such as Boden and Joules with confidence. All women should love how they look, and the first step is to embrace your body and dress to highlight your best features!

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